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this fella's mad crazy yo!

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1/5/08 07:26 pm - aaronberg - boo barry

Barry can not be very happy as the ice queen of a haunted poo shanty i am glad to soon be not calling home.

Barry also likes to yell at my six year olds, but that Barry's getting <.fired>Barry<./fired>.

12/13/04 03:26 pm - daclincha

Oh, Barry, Barry, Barry.

You need to stop assigning us busy work. Busy work at the end of a semester is a very mean thing. It makes me very unhappy.
Learn to be a better professor please. For your sake, and ours.

11/4/04 05:09 pm - skippenskop

Barry had been making a huge deal in the past few months about how he was not going to vote because it was stupid and then complained because President George W. Barry got re-elected.

A old friend's mother died recently and when Barry was told he had some snippy remarks and didn't show up for the wake.

After I had been somewhat defending him about not attending the wake, Barry decided that I was being ridiculous and a total jerk because I couldn't get my computer to work properly.

Everytime I mention not liking school, Barry gives me this look like I'm the most disapointing embarassment in the world.

11/3/04 05:40 pm - daclincha - you had to be one of THOSE kids....

I knew it was going to be a hard living arrangement when Barry and I were talking last year and he said he can't stand the type of people who throw a fit when their markers get returned with the tips dull, and that he's done that many times. I am that sharp-marker-tip-loving person...

10/20/04 06:08 pm - skippenskop

Barry gave me and some friends a decent amount of shit in high school. He was one of those kids who would be really fake nice while his friends looked on smirking. Once he even pulled my chair out while I was sitting on it in the cafeteria and said something about not seeing me there or something. I was really pissed at that point cause my ass hurt. But ya know, just the usual high school stuff, no big deal. Now Barry is in my college world civ class and he asks me for help on his notes/tests/essays etc and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even remember me. What a silly bastard.

10/13/04 11:52 pm - daclincha

i hate when Barry I and Barry II don't say anything to me when i come home/enter a room and i'm already ina pissy mood. and it annoys me how Barry I left me stranded without a ride to class this morning because my car's dead. damn the Barrys of the world!!

10/6/04 12:12 pm - skippenskop

Barry yelled out freebird at the concert last night again. He also sat behind us the entire time intensely over-swearing very loudly about which movies had the hottest naked chicks and how important it is to find a chick who makes eye contact with you.

10/2/04 06:02 pm - daclincha

i really hate it when barry has to talk politics to me. It's always, John Kerry is stupid, i heart Bush. I can't say anything political without Barry jumping in and talking how much they hate Kerry. I'm sorry I'm not from Western Michigan and don't believe that Bush = God.

I also hate how Barry is a slave to his boyfriend. It's really pissing me off. Get a life that is not your boyfriend's. Seriously.

10/1/04 03:15 pm - skippenskop

We were having a little get together to send a friend off to California, but Barry insisted we aquire some alcohol and then proceeded to drink excessively. Within an hour he was falling over and breaking things. Then Barry kept bringing people aside to have his bitter drunk talks where he tries to explain to everyone what a good friend he is. When the soon-to-be-west-coast-bound people left, the last they saw of Barry was his legs, lying in his own vomit with his torso and head under bushes next to the house. I ended up driving Barry home and luckily some last minute quick actions prevented him from puking all over the inside of the car.

10/1/04 02:03 am - aaronberg

I stepped on Barry's foot tonight. I was walking around Allston 'round midnight to greet October hello and de fry my Chaucer-and-medieval-anti-semitism-essayed brain. Barry was not communing with the nice air and old odd building tops, nor was he leaving us to our chat. He was, instead, eating the air with his obnoxious crusty beige barhopping self. I said sorry, really apologetically and all, because it really was quite an accident, but I secretly didn't feel all that bad. I guess, though, I was also secrectly listening to Duran Duran. Things usually even out like that in the end, you know, like water and spinning quarters and melting pie. At least someone got hurt.
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